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During this consult, we will thoroughly review your medical history, do a general health check-up, and develop a tailored diet and exercise plan to fit your goals. Dr Sarah will talk to you about appetite support options, including weight loss medications.

There are multiple options for appetite support medications  these include injections such as Saxenda and Ozempic and tablets such as Duromine and Contrave. We can explore which medication is right for you by looking at your individual needs and what is currently in stock. Recently there has been very limited stock of Ozempic Australia-wide, with available medication being prioritised for patients with diabetes. Because of this, Saxenda has become a great alternative that is freely available and works similarly.

Dr Sarah specialises in helping patients achieve their weight loss goals. She will evaluate your health status, including your medical history, diet, and physical activity levels. She will then develop a personalised weight loss plan for you, taking into account your individual needs and preferences. This plan may include dietary changes, exercise recommendations, and in some cases, prescription medications or medical procedures. Sarah will also provide guidance and support throughout your weight loss journey to help you stay on track and reach your goals. The goal of the consultation is to provide you with safe, effective, and sustainable weight loss solutions.

  • Tailored diet and excercise plan
  • Eligibility check for appetite support medication
  • Ongoing prescription plan

What is the price of a weight loss Telehealth consult?

What is the cost of an initial consultation with a weight loss specialist. (Sorry, but no medicare rebates for this service)


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