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How we can help your patients

We offer your patients accelerated access to a wide variety of leading Australian specialists via video consultation. This has obvious benefits for patients in rural or remote areas, but also for patients in urban areas where mobility or other issues make it difficult to see a specialist in person. If your patient has an existing relationship with a specialist who does not currently offer video consultation, we can approach that doctor to offer the use of our secure video platform at no cost to them. And if you want to utilise (or just trial) video consultation with your own patients (for example, nursing home patients or those with impaired mobility), we can offer the same service to you free of charge. We’ll even take care of the billing for you.

Dual consultation

We see dual consultation as the gold standard for enhancing quality of patient care and communication between colleagues. This model of care involves the GP and the consulting specialist participating in a simultaneous video consultation with the patient, with real-time discussion between the three parties. The specialist receives the benefit of your in depth knowledge of the patient, while you can ask questions and discuss management options. The result – enhanced patient advocacy and a shared understanding of the way forward, without waiting for letters or reports (although those are sent out in the conventional fashion as well).

Of course we also offer conventional 2-way consultation between specialist and patient if you are unable to attend.

What’s involved?

Not much in terms of additional hardware or software. You can access our video platform if you have internet access and a computer or tablet with a camera and microphone. Your patient can either be in your surgery or in their own home.


Medicare rebates apply for eligible patients. A gap payment will also apply; this varies between specialists but is typically in the order of $100-150.

Why should you choose DOCTO?

DOCTO was created by doctors, for patients. We pioneered the “online hospital” concept in Australia. And if you want to contact us, you can speak directly to the doctors who created and run the service. Our passion is enhancing patient care. We’d be delighted to discuss our service and how we can tailor it to your patient’s needs.