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Book an online neurosurgery appointment and see our neurosurgery specialist from your phone or laptop. Virtual neuro care delivered to you wherever you are. DOCTO's neurosurgery specialist is able to treat disorders of the nervous system and works closely with DOCTO's neurologists to deal with nervous system issues that can only be solved by surgical intervention. Online video consults in neurosurgery work well for treatment plans and follow-up care.


Consult our online neurosurgeon from your computer or phone

Online Neurosurgeon 

A referral from your own GP is preferred but not essential. Please bear in mind that your referring doctor will need to coordinate your follow-up care. Book a neurosurgeon for  conditions such as:

  • Excision of brain tumours
  • Release of pinched nerves
  • Evacuation of blood clots inside and around the brain
  • Spinal surgery.

What does a neurosurgery consultation cost?

Use the cost calculator below to determine your total out-of-pocket expense for consulting our online neurosurgeon.


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Telehealth Neurosurgery

TELEneurosurgery - VIRTUAL neurosurgery care VIA SECURE VIDEO CALL

How it works: click the BOOK NOW button to interact with Eva, DOCTO's Virtual Assistant Chatbot. Eva will record your details and book you into the system. Our specialist team will review your referral, or, if needed, provide one. You will be offered the next available appointment by email and DOCTO will collect payment once you accept your appointment. Your consultation will occur in the DOCTO portal. All you need is an internet-connected device with a camera and microphone. No downloads or plugins required. If needed, our specialist will provide pathology and radiology referrals and send your e-prescription to you by SMS or to your pharmacy after the consult. DOCTO will provide a receipt to enable you to claim a Medicare rebate.


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