Frequently Asked Questions

When should I see a doctor online?

Knowing when to see a doctor is not always an easy decision. There are the obvious age-appropriate checkups for cancer screening and routine tests for things like cholesterol that we all should schedule for good health but then there are symptoms beyond vague aches and pains that should not be ignored. 

Things such as pain in the chest area, abnormal bleeding, new lumps anywhere on the body, unintended changes to bowel habits and weight, or changes to a mole/freckle.

Other reasons to see a doctor are for a high, persistent fever, a cold or cough that lingers, shortness of breath, ongoing fatigue, pelvic pain, changes to your mood, or unexpected symptoms on starting a new medication.

DOCTO is here to help you with a wide range of health conditions. CLICK HERE to visit our 24/7 virtual Emergency Department and see a doctor now, or make an appointment with one of our specialist doctors in one of 32 different fields. CLICK HERE to browse our online hospital. 

Our doctors can refer you for routine and special tests and radiology as needed and obtain your results online for investigation and follow-up.