Frequently Asked Questions

How do I do an online doctor consultation?

It's easy with DOCTO's custom-built telehealth platform to do an online doctor consultation. All you need is an internet-connected smartphone, tablet or laptop computer with a camera. Open a browser window and go to to book an online doctor consultation or elective specialist appointment. Follow the booking prompts and DOCTO will offer you two appointment options via email within 7 days. Once you have accepted and paid for an appointment within the secure payment portal, you will receive another email with your private video link. At the time of your appointment, open your email and click on the link provided. A portal will open and your doctor will join you in the portal for an online doctor consultation and provide you with next steps after that. Call 1300 336 286 if you need any help or further instruction. An instruction guide, complete with screenshot images, will be sent to you along with your initial welcome email.