What does Docto do?

1 - 24 hours, on demand consultations with an Emergency Physician by video, phone or ‘chat’ and
2 - Medical Specialist and Allied Health telehealth consultations by appointment.

How does it work? Does the Doctor just pop up on the screen?

Yes, that’s right. Simply login into our website. The Doctor will appear on your screen. Consultations are carried out within the browser.

Who can use Docto?

Anyone. The 24 hours on demand service requires a subscription.
But you don’t need a subscription to book an appointment with one of our medical specialists. Just email bookings@docto.com

Can I use Docto from overseas?

Yes. Anywhere except North America

Can I subscribe?

Yes. Individuals, families, groups and companies can subscribe to our 24 hour on-demand service. Email admin@docto.com for details.
Consultations with our Medical Specialists or Allied health team are not included in your subscription. There is a separate fee for each consult.

Do I need a referral to see a Specialist?

We recommend you get a referral from your own GP whenever possible. But this in not essential.

Should I contact Docto if I have a medical emergency?

No. Call an ambulance immediately

When should I use Docto?

Anytime you need medical advice. Especially if it’s not easy to access medical help for whatever reason, for example if you are living or traveling overseas or in remote parts of Australia;
When you need a medical specialist and would otherwise have to travel to see one;
or, if you would like a second opinion after recommendation you have received.

Can you send a report to my GP or insurance company?

Yes. Please give the details to your Doctor.

What technology do I need for a video-consultation?

For a video consult you need internet access with at least 1 MPS upload and download speeds. A computer running chrome or firefox with a webcam and microphone is best.

How are my medical records stored?

They are securely stored as per Australian Privacy Principles with Industry standard medical record keeping software.

I’m not sure what specialist I need. Can I talk to someone?

Sure. Ring 1300 336286

What happens if I need medication?

If you are in Australia, you will need to nominate a pharmacy to which we will fax your prescription. You can then go and pick it up.

What if I need to be flown out?

We will liaise with your insurance company to organise evacuation if needed.

Are the consultations secure?

Yes. They are encrypted and secure.

I'm a GP and I would like some referral advice from a Specialist.

No problem. Email referrals@docto.com

Who are the Doctors?

They are all hand-picked and invited to work with Docto. They are leaders in their field and regular users of telemedicine. All our Doctors are registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority.

I have had some X-rays and blood tests done. Can you look at the results?

Yes. You will need to send them to us electronically. Your Doctor will talk you through how to do this securely.

Can Docto organise X-rays and blood tests for me?

Yes, depending where you are.

Can I see a GP?

No. Our on-demand 24 hour service is staffed by fully trained Emergency Medicine Specialists.

My internet is really poor, can I still consult with Docto?

Yes, we can simply do a voice call.

How long will I have to wait for my consultation?

On-demand consultations mostly occur within 15 minutes. Specialist appointments are subject to the specialist’s availability, but generally within a few working days of the request being received.

What if English is not my first language?

We will arrange a translator to join us for the consultation

Can I have a family member with me?

Yes, we encourage that.

What outcomes can I expect from my consultation?

Your Specialist will give you their opinion on diagnosis and treatment. They may request blood test or X-rays, recommend an in-person assessment, refer you to another Specialist, send you a medical report, sick certificate, prescription or liaise with your insurance/emergency assistance company.
Please have a look at our patient information (link) sheet.

Is it the same as seeing a Doctor in person?

No. The Doctor will not be able to carry out a physical examination. It is always better to see your own Doctor in person if possible.


How do I access the on-demand service?

You need a subscription.

What does a subscription to the on-demand 24 hour service cost?

Docto offers individual, family, group and corporate subscriptions. Email admin@docto.com for an individualised quote.

Do I need a subscription to see a Medical Specialist or Allied health practitioner?

No. This is a fee for service.

What does it cost to see a Medical Specialist?

Out of pocket costs are generally around $50-$150 for Medicare eligible patients. If you're not eligible for Medicare the costs range from around $250-300. The cost depends on the specialist and the duration of the consult. We will quote you before your consult.

Am I eligible for a Medicare rebate?

Medicare rebates may apply for Specialist consultations.

You will need to be referred, ideally by own your GP.

1 - A resident of residential care within Australian or patient of eligible Aboriginal health service; or
2 - outside metropolitan areas, more than 15Km from the Specialist, not admitted to a hospital and in Australia

How is the Medicare rebate paid?

You will need to pay Docto for your consultation. We arrange Medicare rebate to paid directly into your account.

Do you Bulk Bill?

No, but Medicare rebates apply to eligible patients

How do I pay?

By PayPal or electronic funds transfer.