Emergency Medicine Online

emergency medicine delivered via video consult online

DOCTO's emergency medicine specialists work in hospital emergency departments and are trained to provide patients of all ages with immediate medical advice and treatment options. See an emergency medicine specialist from your phone or laptop. Virtual emergency care is delivered to you wherever you are. On the front line of care, emergency medicine specialists manage, diagnose and treat acute illness and injuries that require urgent attention, such as in a disaster or where there has been an injury. Emergency specialist doctors understand the pre-hospital protocols and in-hospital emergency medical systems needed to treat a full spectrum of physical and behavioral disorders.

Emergency Medicine

Consult our online specialist from your computer or phone

Online Emergency Medical Specialist

Book an instant consultation in DOCTO's online Emergency Department for:

  • Urgent and immediate medical advice in the event of a disaster or injury
  • Acute coronary syndrome, stroke or sports injury
  • Poisoning, sepsis or burns
  • Guidance for resuscitation and stabilisation techniques.

What does an emergency medical consultation cost?

Use the cost calculator below to determine your total out-of-pocket expense for consulting our online emergency specialist.


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Emergency Telehealth

Telemedicine - virtual emergency medicine via secure video call

How it works: click the BOOK NOW button to interact with Eva, DOCTO's Virtual Assistant Chatbot. Click on the button that confirms you would like an instant consult and select the I need advice option. Follow the prompts and you will be connected to the duty doctor after payment is collected. Your consultation will occur in the DOCTO portal. All you need is an internet-connected device with a camera. No downloads or plugins required. If needed, our specialist will send your e-prescription and pathology referral to your nearest Pharmacy after the consult. 

Emergency Medicine

Video consult with our leading emergency specialists