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Dr D. P. PAEDIATRICS MBBS FACEM Dr P. has been a paediatrician in Queensland since 1992 and is highly respected by his colleagues and patients as an attentive and caring physician with a commitment to clinical excellence. His appointments include : Associate Professor, Bond

PAEDIATRICS MBBS FACEM Dr B. received her basic medical degree in her native Wales before emigrating to Australia. She has specialist qualifications in both Paediatrics and Emergency Medicine, completing her dual fellowship in 2005. Dr B. works full time in a major Queensland

PAEDIATRICS, INTENSIVE CARE MEDICINE OR CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE FRACP FCICM Dr S. FRACP FCICM is currently the acting director of the Gold Coast University Hospital Children’s Critical Care Service. Before this he has held the posts of Director PICU Mater Children’s Hospital,