What to Expect During an Online Doctor Consultation

Are you planning on attending a virtual doctor appointment, but you do not know what to expect? You are not alone. Telehealth appointments are still new to many patients at this time. 

Right now, it is reported that the number of telehealth appointments scheduled is comparable to the number of in-person appointments scheduled. 

As online doctor consultations become more popular, small issues with the ways they are being carried out are dealt with. Then, the entire process becomes easier. 

Keep reading to find out what you can expect during an online doctor consultation. 


What Is a Virtual Doctor? 

All online doctor consultations are run by board-certified doctors. They have chosen to use phone and video appointments in place of in-person appointments.

These are the same doctors that you have seen in person before the Covid-19 pandemic. They are just as qualified.

How Does Telemedicine Work?

Telemedicine and telehealth are not new concepts. People in rural areas have been using this technology for years. As the need for remote services has increased over the past year, telemedicine’s popularity has grown. 

Many services can be provided through telehealth. Visits that do not rely on in-office physical exams and diagnostic testing can be performed through a virtual doctor visit.

The following list includes types of appointments that are easily scheduled with telemedicine. 

  • Follow-up appointments
  • Health screenings
  • Behavioural health services
  • Education and counselling
  • Medication management

Appointments are not limited to this list, telehealth is a great way to keep people out of urgent care and the ER for minor injuries or illnesses. 


What Should I Do Before an Online Doctor Consultation?

Preparing for your online doctor consultation has a few more steps compared to preparing for a normal doctor appointment. 

Start by figuring out payment and insurance. Find out if your health insurance covers a telehealth appointment. Talk to your insurance provider and ask how much you may need to pay out-of-pocket for your visit. 

Next, you will need to set up your appointment. For some doctors, you may schedule it online through their patient portal. With others, you may need to call their office and specifically request a virtual visit. 

As soon as your appointment has been made make sure you have your technology charged and ready. Your doctor’s office should give you instructions on how to access your appointment, often it is through a link. 

You will want to prepare some things before your appointment begins. Start by finding a quiet and private spot where you will not be disturbed. It is recommended to wear headphones to protect your privacy and hear better. 

Have a pen and paper ready to write down any important information your doctor may give you. Be patient and double-check your equipment while you are waiting to ensure a positive online experience with your doctor. 

During Your Virtual Doctor Appointment

Once your virtual doctor visit begins, the process is not much different from an in-person visit.

Depending on what your appointment is for, you should be ready to discuss the timeline of your symptoms. As well as, your medical history and any medications you have tried over-the-counter to treat your symptoms. 

Your doctor may ask you to take some vital signs at home. If possible, you should prepare to provide your doctor with your weight, temperature, or blood pressure. 

Do not worry if you do not have access to a scale, a thermometer, or a blood pressure cuff. It is likely your doctor will have other options for you to find some of the same information. 

During your appointment, it is best to keep your questions direct and stay on topic with your concerns. Also, try to keep good eye contact and speak clearly. Doing these things will allow you to get the most out of your visit.

Keep in mind, if you make a virtual appointment for a reason that could need a physical exam you may be asked to schedule another that is in-person. 

Getting Your Prescription

Virtual doctors can treat and prescribe medicine for a wide range of conditions during an online appointment. This is not limited to primary care, non-emergency urgent care, and mental health conditions. 

Your virtual doctor can order the same tests, medications, or therapies that an in-person doctor can.

You will likely be able to get a prescription online. Electronic prescribing is not new. Doctors online can usually prescribe medication to a patient’s pharmacy with no problems. 

Benefits of Telemedicine 

The benefits of virtual doctors are numerous. You can see a psychologist, doctor, or nurse without driving to their office. Then, sitting in a waiting room and risking your health for a short appointment. 

When you need to self-isolate while you are feeling sick, telehealth is the best way to keep others safe and still talk to your doctor. Virtual visits are both convenient and better for those around you so they can stay healthy.

Additionally, Telemedicine is beneficial to those who live in rural areas. There is no need to travel to a distant hospital when you can visit your doctor over the phone. 

Telehealth Appointments Are Easy

When you need to schedule an online doctor consultation, Docto is prepared to connect you with the specialist you need. Do not wait or risk your health for an in-person visit, when you could talk to a doctor from your own home.

Contact us today to learn about our services and book a telehealth consultation.