It’s a HUGE Flu Year – How to Prepare

It’s a huge flu year and that started with the Northern Hemisphere during their winter. It is already advancing rapidly through the southern states of Australia and Queensland can be expected to follow no doubt.

If you are in any kind of work that puts you in contact with lots of the public or work with children, it is a good idea (if you haven’t already) to get flu vaccination if your doctor can still access it for you, and most can.

Dr Andrew Jones – Infectious Diseases

A lot of people will tell you that the flu vaccine doesn’t work and makes them sick. Whilst it is true to say no vaccine is perfect (and flu vaccine can never be perfect, at least in the form we have it now), it is still better to have the vaccine than have the disease!

The trouble is that flu vaccine is always given at around the time the virus has started to circulate and a lot of people will tell you they got ill after they had the flu vaccine. It doesn’t have any living elements, though, and we really can’t blame the vaccine for peoples temperatures or sore throat!

The moral of the tale is that it is still worth chasing flu vaccination even though the germ is so clever that it tries to dodge the vaccine and they have to get new ones each year. We now have four in each flu vaccine, and so there is even better protection.

The other trick is to try and persuade people not to push through and come to work if they have definitely got the flu, as that simply increases the risk of spreading it through your workplace.

If you have got the flu stay home for a few days and rest up. It is especially important vulnerable members of the population such as the elderly are not exposed and you should avoid contact with elderly relatives and friends if you know you have got the flu. In addition of course it is worth steering clear of anybody with a lowered immune system.

There are treatments available for flu, but they need to be started very quickly in the illness and unless you do have any other ill health or chest problem they are mostly unnecessary for otherwise well people. Simply treating the symptoms and staying home to avoid infecting others is the best management for most people.

Dodge the Flu however you can!