About Docto

DOCTO is a telehealth platform providing patients with accelerated access to a large network of Australian Specialists in over 25 disciplines via video consultation.

Offering streamlined secondary care options for patients, and support for regional, rural and remote GPs and healthcare workers, Docto acts as a doorbell to specialist care no matter the postcode.

The costs of the consultations are subsidised by Medicare and waiting time minimal with no need to travel for specialist care. DOCTOs professional network ensures all patients are matched to the nearest, most appropriate Specialist for their care in a matter of days instead of months.

Docto encourages collaboration with local services and offers all Australian specialist doctors the opportunity to take telehealth referrals through our site so that patients may be matched to the closest service in their community.

Recently supported by the Queensland Governments Advance Fund, we aim to integrate with existing services to support Australias healthcare workforce. Patients are encouraged to present to our site with a referral from their regular GP to ensure follow-up care.

We also encourage rural and remote GPs and healthcare workers to reach out to us for free advice and support and to book joint consultations with their patients here. Patients may also be referred via Medical Objects to Telehealth DOCTO or fax 07 3607 2496.

DOCTO prefers patients to obtain a referral from their regular GP where possible, but the 24-hour virtual ED, can provide referrals and care after hours if needed.

For more information, contact Tanya Scardamaglia, tanya@docto.com for a demonstration of this innovative new support service for Australian Rural GPs.