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Online Doctor - How It Works

DOCTO is Australian's online hospital providing instant medical advice 24 hours/day and medical specialist video-consultions by appointment.

Patients are matched to the most appropriate specialist in our national database.

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From Our Customers

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Couldn't ask for a better online doctor! Finding the time to get checked out when you're under the weather isn't easy. Great tool, easy to use.

Being on the road a lot means not having a chance to visit my usual doctor. Having an online doctor who can provide scripts quickly is what I needed.

Living in a rural community makes it difficult to access medical professionals- especially in urgent situations. Being able to speak with a doctor online, who quickly diagnosed and faxed a prescription to my nearest pharmacy.

Dr Jones was very knowledgeable and took great care to explain clearly to me the various microbiological challenges I was facing with my condition. His post-consultation report was without a doubt the most comprehensive and useful I have ever had done.

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medical services more readily available to Australia’s rural residents and travellers

docto testimonials

It is preventing a mother from having to go to a foreign hospital in the middle of the night. She can press a button and see a doctor in real time, without leaving the house.

docto testimonials

Forget self diagnosing, speak to a real Dr, in real time.